Nesco Food Dehydrators

Updates in products are great for consumers because you are getting the best that today’s technology has to offer in the products you choose. With a Nesco food dehydrator you get a great dehydrator with updated technology for faster and more evenly dried foods. With every update you have quality and assurance you are getting great quality dried foods.

With their new vesion of their dehydrator Nesco has introduced Snack Master Dehydrators and these can provide you with quicker dehydration. From days of waiting just hours your dried foods will be ready to put in dishes or in storage for when you need great quality healthy snacks.

nesco garden master dehydrator

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Snack Master Nesco Dehydrator

Perfect for new or beginner dehydrator users.  This type of dehydrator is easy to start and clean up and requires no special skills. 

*5 Tray food dehydrator

*Easy to use and clean

*Dehydrator fruit, veggies, meat and more!


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 garden master food dehydrator

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Garden Master By Nesco w/ Digital read Out

This powerful garden master food dehydrator has a digital readout and dehydrates at up to 1000 Watts!  Makes doing beef jerky and meat simple and easier.

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 with jerky gun

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Nesco Food Dehydrator With Beef Jerky Gun

This is an all in one snack master dehydrator with beef jerky gun and gun nozzles.  This model also comes with 5 easy to clean trays which can be inserted and removed at will.


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 new snack master

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Snack Master Express Food Dehydrator

The Snack Master Express makes dehydration very easy.  With 700 watts of power and a fast drying mechanism this is the perfect food dehydrator.  Its patented Converga Flow action pressurizes heated air downward through the outer ring, and horizontally across each tray-converging at the center for fast even drying.

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Just because drying time goes quicker doesn’t mean that these dehydrators don’t dry evenly. Because they do they dry evenly which means great taste and texture for your dried foods. If you are drying fruit, vegetables, jerky or herbs and spices you will enjoy the taste and so will your entire family.


Maybe you aren’t drying foods but you are drying flowers or homemade potpourri, well these food dehydrators can help you as well. You may not be able to taste the quality but you will be able to see and smell the effect of even dehydration on your next project. So even if you are a beginner a Nesco food dehydrator may be just the right choice.