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Before you go away and enjoy your 25 free recipes please check out one of the best BOOKS on Food Dehydrator Recipes.  It’s called the Dehydrator Bible and contains over 400 recipes!  You can get it here much cheaper than typical Retail…  Check it out here.


Also don’t forget we’ll be sending you updates, bonus offers, bonus recipes and more in the coming weeks.  Enjoy your recipes and I hope you take advantage of the Dehydrator Bible as well.

—Food Dehydrator Pro

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  1. Sharron says:

    when I opened the download for the 25 free recipes, they were not there, what is this?

  2. admin says:


    They are in the file it’s a pdf file and most computers can read this. If you can’t read it just download the pdf reader from adobe acrobat at

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