Commercial Food Dehydrators

Enjoying the benefits of dried food isn’t always easy if you have a great quantity of foods to dry if that is the case you may want to see what is available to you in commercial food dehydrators. Handling quantity and still producing quality is important. With these units you will be able to dry all the foods you have possible all at once. If it is harvest time for your garden these units can make drying go a whole lot quicker.


Lequip 306200 Food Dehydrator

Lequip Food Dehydrator


  • Uniform, consistent drying. The L’Equip dehydrator captures the good taste of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, because it dries food uniformly and consistenly — Even in the corners and on every tray.
  • Operating precision. L’Equip’s unique computer controlled heat sensor analyzes temperature 60 times per second to ensure a stable drying environment.
  • High performance. The Model 528 demonstrates high performance drying during 24 hour operation. Use up to 20 trays at one time. This model has adjustable temp. from 93-158 F.
  • Guaranteed quality, user friendly ease. The Model 528 Dehydrator carries a 12 Year Warranty. L’Equip is committed to manufacturing the highest quality, most user friendly health appliances that not only perform well, but have a unique design to complement any kitchen.
  • With the L’Equip Food dehydrator you’ll be well on your way to healthier more wholesome snacks. Store bought snacks are loaded with sugars and fats. Start a more healthy lifestyle with this amazing dehydrator.

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Compared to regular sized food dehydrators a commercial size can give you so much more space. There are large models that have 12 non stick trays that equal about 28 square feet. Then there are some extra large models that provide you with 24 non-stick trays which equal about 56 square feet. So you see you can now dry as much as you need to without having to wait and wait for each load to finish. All you have to do is pick the size of food dehydrator that will best meet your needs load and dry.


Some of the food dehydrators that are available to you at commercial size have a great drying time as well. After 12 hours everything you dried will be finished and with being able to dry everything at once you can unload store and be finished when you choose from commercial food dehydrators to help you dry your foods.